I never want to ship somebody a bag of parts and say “Good luck,” leaving them to interpret resistor color bands and capacitor codes. But I understand…

September 2022

Step by step walkthrough of how The Expanse harmonic tremolo is built
A sneak peak at the new Holiday Ornament "Pedals" for 2022
A hodgepodge of what we're up to at MAS Effects

August 2022

The Ultimate Beginner's Pedal Kit (part 3)
The Ultimate Beginner Pedal Kit (part 2)
What do YOU want to see in Behind the Scenes @ MAS Effects?I’m planning to post short quick-and-dirty, unpolished posts showing some of the projects in progress. This will include glimpses at the DIY kit…
The Ultimate Beginner Pedal Kit (part 1)
What to expect here